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Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Programming Model
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Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, the managed programming model for Microsoft® Windows®, includes the .NET Framework 2.0, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows Workflow Foundation.

The documentation, samples, and tools provided in this release are preliminary and subject to change. It is recommended that you use this preliminary release of the Windows SDK in a test environment.

Documentation - The documentation contains API reference topics, task-based, how-to documentation and feature overviews to help you understand how to use .NET Framework 3.0 APIs in an application. To locate the topics you need, you can use Search, Index, the Table of Contents, or the navigational topics in the documentation viewer.

Samples - The code samples are provided in one or more of the following languages: Visual Basic, C#, and C++. You can locate and view samples, organized by technology, by opening the Samples node in the TOC. The “Technology Samples” sub-nodes contain samples that are generally brief and focused around a particular aspect of a technology. The “Application Samples” sub-nodes contain samples that are larger and more complex applications that demonstrate how to use the API to construct a rich real-world application.

Tools - The Windows SDK includes an extensive set of tools to assist you in developing .NET Framework 3.0 applications.

Sending Feedback - We are in the early stages of creating the documentation and samples, and many topics are incomplete or do not yet exist. If you have suggestions for topics we should write or how we can improve the Windows SDK, please send them to us using the link available at the bottom of each topic in the documentation.

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